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Shontaye Hawkins

Shontaye Hawkins, MBA uses her extensive finance background and financial prowess to equip small business owners with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to build highly profitable 6- and 7-figure businesses and turn every day into a payday.

Shontaye is the creator of the Ultimate PROFITS System and has worked with top business leaders to build wealth in excess of $1 billion and attract high net worth clients. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs® and Bank of New York®, in addition to other industry leaders like Grant Thornton.

Known as the Bottom Line Strategist™, Shontaye has been a featured guest expert on Fox News Radio, CBS Radio, Black Enterprise, List TV, as well as many other media outlets across the country. She is an award-winning business coach, author, speaker, and CEO of Profit Is The New Black®, a business coaching, consulting and training company.

Shontaye says, “It doesn’t take money to make money. It takes action – consistent action.”

“Shontaye Hawkins does it again! Her latest book The Profitable Woman’s Playbook is an excellent follow-up to her book Profit Is The New Black. The Profitable Woman’s Playbook provides the aspiring entrepreneur to the seasoned entrepreneur relevant tools to develop and grow a profitable business using practical action steps. This toolbox of actionable steps is also a testament to the power of collaboration amongst women in business using their unique selling points to assist women in positioning themselves to become profitable.”
~Thecia Jenkins
International Speaker/Trainer/Coach

Get Ready To Close The Gap Between Dreaming About
A Profitable Business And Actually Building One

According to statistics, 89% of women small business owners make less than $100k. And 4% make more than half a million dollars, with only 2% ever hitting the million dollar mark.

It’s time we change that!

Contrary to popular belief, your personal life doesn’t have to suffer because you run a successful business.

Nor, does your business have to suffer because you’re a woman wearing many hats – wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

What if you knew the exact strategies and action steps to build a profitable life and business?

See, the more profit you generate, the more choices, options, impact, and influence you’ll have not only in your business but in your personal life and in the lives of those you serve.

Imagine having it all – the clients, the revenue, the team, the income, the family vacations, the freedom, the happiness, and success. Imagine that.

You don’t have to choose between a profitable business and a life you love. You can have both.

No more feelings of guilt, shame, overwhelm and frustration.

No more either or.

I invited 12 dynamic, powerhouse female business owners to join me in creating The Profitable Woman’s Playbook: 15 Strategies to Win Big In Life and Business the only book of it’s kind, to help you master the fundamentals necessary to build a profitable business so you can experience MORE of the life you deserve.


Suit up, ladies. Get ready to WIN big in life and business!

Some watch the game.  Some play the game. And then there are those who truly change the game!

Meet The Game Changers

Shontaye Hawkins has assembled an amazing cast of authors to share their stories of growing their businesses from the tiniest, startup seeds of faith and hope into profitability for themselves and their families. And they did it while navigating their additional roles of being a wife, mother, employee, and keepers of the hearth and home. More than a collection of stories, this is a workbook that will help you plan your own exit from corporate America and into the realm of entrepreneurship. It’s the perfect guide for determining who you will serve and how you will get paid. Highly recommended if you’re looking to start a new business from scratch, or if you’re struggling to make an existing one profitable.

~ Rhonda Knight Boyle

Author of Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation

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